About 18 months ago DX World.net posed the question: Is Kingman Reef still above sea level?

Back then there was evidence it still was, however a new survey by US Fish & Wildlife suggests the reef is now mostly underwater, certainly at high tide.

Rich, KY6R explains in more detail the findings:

The first real official survey in years has been completed as a result of the US F&W contracting with a company that removed a fishing vessel off Kingman Reef last year. [Click here for a copy of the survey]

In the paragraph below they say that only a small patch of about 3′ of the reef is above water at low tide, but that it is awash at high tide – and that is is too dangerous to visit:

“The work site on the reef flat was very shallow with water depths of 1 to 7 feet at high tide, and just a few inches of water at low tide. The two small rubble islands that comprise the only land masses at Kingman Reef lie merely 3 feet above sea level. They are frequently awash by waves and offered no shelter during removal operations. The severe sea state and environmental conditions at Kingman Reef are unpredictable, and forecasts are relatively unreliable at the isolated central Pacific reef. Such uncertainty constrained safe operations, and the team determined that mobilizing the full shipwreck removal team and all floating assets, including the 185-foot barge and large crane, from Palmyra to be staged at the Kingman removal site, presented an unacceptable risk to crew and resources. Instead, a subset of the crew traveled to Kingman Reef from Palmyra Atoll on the tugboat Sarah C with a transport scow in tow.”

Rich concludes that he thinks it’s time that DXAC seriously consider deleting Kingman Reef.

More photos of Kingman Reef here and here