NEWS UPDATE – KH9/N7NVK will return to Wake Island this weekend.  During this stay, Philip hopes to come up with a better antenna and possible use of an amplifier if he can arrange it.  Stay tuned.

MAY 31 – Philip will be trying 40m SSB this weekend at around 1000hrs UTC. He says look for him around 7.200 +/- QRM. He’s off for a vacation in June so this will be his last weekend until back on Wake island the first weekend in July. Email and updates are difficult with slow internet. He will be bringing QSL cards back with him for those that sent SASE to his home QTH. In addition, Philip is hoping to bring a few more antenna resources in July.

APRIL 13 — Philip says he’s now on Wake Island and is working out logistics to get on air Saturday, April 14th (try 14225Mhz @ 22:00UTC).

MARCH 30 – Philip, reports that all paperwork is in order for his upcoming KH9/N7NVK activity. He will leave for Wake Island on April 11. Further updates and operating schedule announced after his arrival.

MARCH 15, 2018I will be on Wake Island (Atoll) for a rotation of 3 months on and 1 month off starting in April 2018. As of now I have not established what day or time I will be on the air (we are +12 UTC). Once I determine availability I will post it here. I will be using an Elecraft KX3 into either a G5RV or a Buddipole, power output will be QRP for now. I will be working split and please have patience with me as I have not been on the receiving side of a pile-up. I do use LoTW but can only upload when internet is available..which is limited.

As of now I do not have QSL cards but I hope to have some on my next rotation. We do have a US Post Office on the island but mail is only delivered every two weeks during resupply. I hope to work out the logistics and cost for the QSL cards for those that want them.

Please feel free to email me.

73 Philip / N7NVK