“It is looking like I will be heading to Wake Island in a few weeks for work. There is NO exact date set yet. I am looking for pointers to help me get ready. I should have 3-4 days of downtime around work. At this time, it looks like this will be an every 6-month working trip. For starters, my callsign do I need to change or modify? I am planning on taking a Yaesu FT-891 matched up with a Yaesu ATAS-25 MICRO Portable Antenna and possibly a homebrew 40-10 meter vertical. At this time, my plan is to only work FT-4 & FT-8 (my CW skills are beyond weak) and I am not sure about having enough “power” to be doing a lot of SSB, so at this time I am only planning for low power ops. Any suggestion would be helpful.”

— Stacy, KK4WZI