The Magnet, owned by George Wallner, AA7JV, and with Michael Snow, KN4EEI, on board is heading on a two year journey across the Pacific. Stops and callsigns will be announced shortly before arrival to prevent fake interlopers.

In an NCDXF sponsored pioneering experiment a remotely controlled 6 meter station will be operated along the way from hundreds of very rare grid squares. With the increased sunspot activity during the next two years, good conditions are expected on 6 meters, making these remote grid squares accessible to a large number of stations. We intend to test out the Starlink connections en route using the call KH7Z/MM in the afternoons when the vessel is in calm waters (rolling seas are not conducive to good satellite connectivity). Watch for spots on your local clusters.

The Magnet is due to leave tomorrow (February 22) from Costa Rica and will travel West headed for areas in the Central Pacific.

All KH7Z/MM QSOs will automatically be uploaded to LOTW after the completion of each grid. There is no need to QSL the /mm operations.

More details on the DXpeditions of AA7JV in 2023 and 2024 will be announced on your favorite source of DX News. At the various rare entities, the RIB stations will be placed on land to allow QSO’s for DXCC credits. For more on the RIBs see here.

Best 73 and see you soon,
AA7JV and N1DG (Press Coordinator)

PS: George also updated his QRZ page with extra info:

During Magnet’s South Pacific voyage we are planning to activate a number of DXCC entities. We will start in the Marquesas around the third week of March. In the April – June time frame we will be operating from the Society Islands. We will set up on various islands using our Radio In a Box (RIB) stations and the RIB landing craft (see below). We will operate CW and FT8, with some SSB. After FO, we will head to the Cook Islands and eventually to American Samoa.