NEWS UPDATE from Ron, KH6DV for

Recently the USF&W Service became uncomfortable with our proposed expedition date due to the forecast of a second virus wave. We are now in that second wave, and the latest news is that Europe is seeing a new strain of the virus that is 70% more contagious.  We agreed to change the date to September 2021 and submit a new Supplemental Use Permit (SUP) application. 

Just after that discussion the email link went dark.  Business partner Bill Austin, who once served as Maintenance Manager and Harbor Master on Midway, is still well connected to the gossip email reflector. From this source we learned that there had been an incident on Midway, and the on-island management team for USF&W had been recalled along with two of the supervisors from the contractor. A new management team is expected on-island once the holidays are over.  Once that team is in place we will submit our revised application.