NEWS UPDATE by Ron KH6DV – We all know that one of the easiest ways to catch a respiratory infection is to travel by airline, visit a hospital or clinic waiting room, or pass through an airport. Expedition operators aren’t going to want to travel while this pandemic is active, then get on a boat with cramped quarters and undertake a 6+ day voyage with others who have also traveled.

I’ve been looking for Coronavirus forecasts, and have finally found what looks like a reliable one. An expert who has accurately predicted other pandemic timelines stated on February 11th that the Coronavirus would burn itself out in 6 months. He didn’t state if that was 6 months from discovery or 6 months from the date of his statement. Using 6 months from the date of his statement, travel should be safe by the end of the first week in August. We are assuming that, because travel for our expedition will be almost two months later, THE EXPEDITION WILL BE UNAFFECTED.

AUGUST 15, 2019 by Ron, KH6DV – For a number of very good reasons the Midway expedition is being postponed. Some of the things we are working on will take a number of months – one will take 4 or 5 by itself. We could postpone for just a couple months but then we would be operating during the summer with its associated terrible conditions.

We have decided to plan for the first two weeks in October 2020. The changes we are working on will make for a much better and more exciting expedition and are well worth waiting for.