UPDATE – Edging ever closer to South Georgia, but will it take a different track soon?

Position of A68 on November 20th.

NOVEMBER 15, 2020 – So it’s not really DX news, but still something for the DXer to keep an eye on especially as VP8/SG is always nice to contact. I mean, who could forget about VP8SGI for example?

You have maybe read about “A68 ” – a giant iceberg on collision course with South Georgia. I first became aware of the possible collision in a news article dated November 4th.

It’s now approx. 320 km away from South Georgia. The video below shows the movement of the iceberg over the last month. At the last minute it may avoid South Georgia, but for the moment I guess it’s something to watch unfold.


PS: Might it head towards South Sandwich instead?