NEWS UPDATE – The K7K team is offering an opportunity to our loyal DX, IOTA and POTA friends who donate above-and-beyond to this expedition. You won’t want to miss your chance to own a one-of-a-kind QSL card, specially designed so you can own a “piece” of rare Kiska Island (NA-070) and the first-ever POTA activation of K-0143 from this expedition!

This Commemorative QSL card will be available to anyone who contributes $100 or more to the K7K expedition and features a unique transparent window containing an actual stone from Kiska Island. This card will be a welcome addition to your QSL collection and become a treasured keepsake deserving a prominent place displayed in your ham shack!

Own a piece of Kiska of the most remote and historic islands in North America!

For information and how you can donate and get your K7K Commemorative card, please visit our website or our QRZ page.

Note: The accompanying QSL images are prototype… the images that will be used on this QSL will be from actual expedition photos taken by the K7K operators. Cards will include printed QSO information if contacts made, otherwise, recipient will be listed as a “donor” printed on the card.

JULY 2 – Hal, W8HC and Mark, W8BBQ discuss Kiska Island IOTA Expedition with Tim, K3LR:

JUNE 24 – During the RSGB IOTA contest (July 30-31), the K7K team will sign as KL7RRC. QSL via N7RO.

JUNE 15 – Yesterday (June 14), team member Hal W8HC mentioned a special callsign for this DXpedition would soon be issued. Can now reveal the call will be K7K – see here

JUNE 14 – Members of the KL7RRC team who tried unsuccessfully to activate rare Kiska Island NA-070 the past two years are hoping their third attempt in July will be the charm.

In 2020, it was Covid-19 that forced cancellation, while last year, the team’s chartered vessel experienced a medical emergency that scuttled plans just as the vessel was to arrive at Dutch Harbor, AK. This team did operate 6 days from Adak Island NA-039 and made over 10K QSOs.

This year’s team has chartered a very capable, but expensive ($43K) vessel, the “April Lane,” that will make the 675 mile Aleutian Island journey from Dutch Harbor to Adak to Kiska, an uninhabited island that is part of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. The group has secured the necessary permissions from the USFWS to visit the island. Kiska is also designated a National Historic Landmark and is part of the Aleutian Islands World War II National Monument. This year’s IOTA activation will be a commemorative operation honoring the 80th anniversary of the historic events taking place on Kiska during WWII… more information to follow.

They will operate 3 stations from July 25 to July 31, tentatively using the KL7RRC callsign 40-6m and during the 2022 IOTA Contest.

Current operators are: KB2FMH, James; KL5CX, Alex; KO8SCA, Adrian; Yuri, N3QQ; Tim, NL8F and Hal, W8HC. See here for more info.