UPDATE – Rick, K6VVA reports a very good response to his recently released survey and reminds those who simply forgot to complete it (due to CQ WPX contest weekend), or if you forgot to include that you’re are an IOTA participant or not, then to please quickly click the link below and take the survey. Rick says:

I am pleased with the response level but a few more would be even more helpful. I am VERY surprised at the higher number of NON-PARTICIPANT responses (good, actually, for a number of reasons).  I’d still like to hear from more of the IOTA crowd – actually any legit responses for increasing the statistical aspects and certainly any additional comments.

May 23, 2014 – This 3 minute multi-purpose personal “Research” Survey is for both IOTA Programme Participants (those who submit QSLs for IOTA credit), as well as for NON-Participants from the DX Community.

With about 40% of all DXCC entities being IOTA counters, I am also very interested in reasons why more DX’ers never submit QSLs for any IOTA Award credit.

The IOTA Committee has not asked for this questionnaire to be issued, and any info sent to them will be out of courtesy to the Committee. The survey data will be an assitance in my future IOTA Expedition planning, videos and publications.

Tnx in advance to all those who participate in this brief survey which is “ANONYMOUS” with NO Callsign and NO email address required.

K6VVA IOTA SURVEY URL: http://www.k6vva.com/iotasurvey