On the IOTA-chasers group the following info was posted by K6VVA.

Last Thursday I had a very productive 3 hour in-person meeting and lunch with the Government Official who granted written permission back in March for access to NA-187 (White Rock).

During our meeting, I also extended an invitation for the Official and a Marine Biologist Researcher to join me, in hopes they can collect samples which might prove useful in helping to ascertain what may be causing certain recent malicious problems to marine life of the California Coast.

There are additional restrictions involved with this activation – no generators and no gasoline are allowed on White Rock. This means low power battery operation, and local daytime only QRV for safety reasons. There is no recent history of sea lions on White Rock, but if one is encountered – even if sighted on White Rock before landing, everything will be QRT.

Tentatively, we are looking at sometime between September 15th and October 15th, but this will also be Ocean Condx and WX dependent with probably zero to little advance notice. At current solar low SFI=67 levels, predicted propagation from NA-187 to EU is horrible and very limited, with not much promise of improvement for some time:


The Charter Boat Captain previously contacted back in March will not be available for two more weeks. When he returns, we will resume logistical discussions. A webpage with more information will be forthcoming after that.