UPDATE – Scheduled date for the flight to Jan Mayen is October 1st. It might be delayed depending on the WX. The first days will be used for training and settling in, so not expect much activity then. Logsearch

SEPTEMBER 11 – Per-Einar, LA7DFA (ex-JX7DFA) says:

JX2US will probably use T2FD style antenna on low bands, and he will mostly be located on the wrong side of the mountains for DX to NA/JA. I don’t think he will be even close to competing with JX0X on 80 and 160m.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 – Erik LA2US will be active as JX2US from Jan Mayen this coming (northern hemisphere) winter. He will operate CW, FT8 and probably some more modes. Focus on 160m, 80m, 40m and 30m. The season lasts from early October ’20 to the end of March ’21. More here. Logsearch here.