CANCELLED – It is with a heavy heart that we for various reasons hereby cancel the JX0X Dxped. While we worked hard for 18 months to secure the entry permit, the permit to stay onshore, the fundraising and the logistics – we have come to the conclusion that there are too many uncertainties involved in this project. There is not a single reason that we cancel but rather several reasons right up to today that altogether makes this a difficult project to complete. We would like to thank everybody who donated upfront to the JX0X DXpedition, and who believed in our team and our project. You all made a contribution to have the opportunity to work us guys next year, and you all made a difference no matter what you donated. It is people like you who donated upfront that makes DXing happen. Without upfront donations we will see less tent and generator DXpeditions to expensive places. We will start refunding 100% all paypal donations, and you should see your support returned soon.

Thanks! 73 JX0X team

OCTOBER 6, 2020 – We have received $6500 in 1 week which is great! And still need about $5000 more wrt the vessel contract. Beyond the $5000 needed for the Vessel contract there is of course a significant shortfall that will have to be sourced at a later stage during the next year. So please help us reaching out to potential supporters. Of course at this stage we will refund 100% of the donations if we decide to cancel and not sign the Vessel contract.

Facts about JX:

  • Club Log most wanted # 25/27 on 160/80
  • Club Log most wanted NA #10/11 on 160/80
  • Mount Beerenberg is the northern-most active subaerial volcano on Earth. Its most recent eruptions took place in 1970. Its name is Dutch for “Bear Mountain”, and comes from the polar bears seen there by Dutch whalers in the early 17th century.

Ken JX7GIA (LA7GIA) during his short visit to Jan Mayen in April 2019. @DX-World

OCTOBER 5 – We have received about $4800 this weekend which is really good! This makes us hope we can achieve the still needed $6000 to sign the contract with current budget. We see that a lot of operators increase their initial donation, which we truly appreciate. Also new supporters are donating, and so far about 240 individual donations received. We’re optimistic and we also know some more clubs will donate.

Facts about JX0X:

  •  ALL band ALL mode DXpedition
  • Verticals at a beach location
  • 6 operators – mixed nationalities
  • Predicted Sunspot number 21.8 Oct 2021

Credit JX9GIA

OCTOBER 3 – We have received about $3500 in two days. But we’re looking for another approx $7000 to sign the contract. Still any shortfall is covered by the 6 operators.

Facts about JX0X:

  • Did you know that Jan Mayen turned into a Nature reserve in 2010? And that the whole island including the surrounding sea is protected, except the base at the EU side and a small area on the western part (towards NA)?
  • There are plans to close down the area on the western side – which means this could very well be the last chance for a good NA low band QTH.
  • The Ministry will never allow any DXpedition to take place from inside the Nature reserve?
  • We were not allowed to conduct a DXpedition with a camp at the EU side.

Ken, LA7GIA as JX7GIA in April 2019. This was a one day activity only. @DX-World

OCTOBER 1 – Now this has been a good day! So far we have received 1800 USD in donations. If we only could have the same support for the next 5 days!

Our focus will be lowband 160-30m CW&Digital. We will have verticals antennas close to saltwater, excellent take-off for NA and Japan. We will bring beams for 20-10m.

Effective temperature around 18-20 F / -5 to -7 C, beach landing in zodiacs in rough waves. There is no quay at JX.

So far we notice that individual DXers from EU have contributed with the same amount as NA DX’ers. While NA clubs have contributed 3 times more than EU clubs.

We appreciate all the support! Thanks! Donate using paypal: [email protected]

SEPTEMBER 30 – We have negotiated a vessel contract and are ready to sign it. However, the financial situation is such that individual donations have more or less have stopped. We fully understand that for many people Covid-19 is having an impact on their personal economy and life. Also, we know that our DXpedition to Jan Mayen is in exactly 1 year time from now, and people might think it is too early to support us.

We have been working on this project since April 2019, we have invested much time in planning and preparing this trip with all the permits and negotiations – and we feel we’re so close. While we have received 8900 USD from individuals in 3 months, this is not getting us to Jan Mayen when our budget is 105,000 USD+.  We depend on upfront support to sign the vessel contract, and as it is now it’s too risky for us to proceed with the project unless we see an increase in the support.

We had a team meeting yesterday and the final decision to go to JX will be taken in 3 weeks time. This decision will depend heavily on if we think we have enough support from individual DXers. If you support us you will of course receive a QSL card and express LoTW as part of the donation. In addition we guarantee a 100% refund of all donations if we decide to cancel the trip next month.

SEPTEMBER 11 – We received the news yesterday that LA-DX-Group member Erik LA2US is going on a 6-month work assignment to Jan Mayen. His trip has been unknown to us.

This puts our project in a difficult situation. While there are several differences between a 6 month single-op trip and a 2 week tent and generator DXpedition, for us this is a matter of if we are able to raise the remaining funds and willing to sign an expensive vessel contract with all the added uncertainties.

With this added info we are hesitant to sign the vessel contract without knowing the result of the support from the DX community. While he will fly in/out with a Hercules, there are a lot of preparations for us before our $100,000 project can make a wet zodiac landing in rough waves, bring the gear onshore and try to keep the portable 18-22m 160/80m vertical antennas up in 25-35 m/s windgusts for 2 weeks.

We need more time to sign the vessel contract while we carefully consider what to do. In the meantime, we encourage everyone who wants to have a good low band show next fall to support us upfront, and donate to our PayPal account [email protected]

We offer 100% refund of all donations in case DXped is cancelled. We expect a final decision to go will be taken in a few months, dependent on the financial situation.

SEPTEMBER 6, 2020 – We would like to announce two new operators in the JX team: Erwann LB1QI and Allan EA3HSO!!

We’re happy to have the two new members on board! At the same time we regret that Mats RM2D had to withdraw due to personal reasons. As we proceed we will soon expand the team to 6 operators which will then make the JX team complete. With 6 operators and 4 stations running this will give you even more QSOs!

We are also working hard on the vessel contract and are still negotiating the details. Needless to say, this contract is extremely important to us not only financially but also logistically and to outcome of the DXped.

During the last week we had our permit to stay onshore Jan Mayen extended to 14 days in the period mid september until mid-Ocotber. The final dates within that period will be determined later knowing that going that late is on the limit weather wise. No DXpedition team or boat has ever landed on Jan Mayen in the winter, and even very rarely in September. According to the authorities, no team will ever be allowed to enter the island during the winter, which means that the only opportunity to do a low band DXped trip is during the selected period.

While we are very pleased with the support from all clubs and foundations with 19.000 USD so far, we still have a long way to go. The success of this DXpedition will depend on the support we receive from the DX community. While many DXers have concerns related to Covid-19, there will be no DXpedition without support. In addition, IF the trip is cancelled due to Covid-19, we will be contractually covered by this.

The final decision to leave will depend on the level of support from the DX community.


JULY 21, 2020

Just to clarify to any presumptive sponsors, do not worry about COVID or any other uncertainties. We are more than 14 months away from departure, and we have good belief that things in next year will be MUCH better than in 2020..

In case, God forbid, that COVID or any other so far unexplored obstacle will appear, that will prevent us from executing this expedition as planned, then full return of your contribution is guaranteed.

We still have lots of time before sailing, but there are important milestones with our anticipated vessel, which require us to make down-payments for the transportation. Those deadlines are much earlier than you can imagine, as the amount of vessels capable of delivering expeditions are counted on fingers of one hand. Despite COVID issues, these vessels are busy already now and need to feel our commitment to ensure booking of the three weeks needed.

Therefore, we truly depend on a solid financing cash flow of this project. The majority comes from own pockets of the four operators, but we also heavily rely on the contributions from the DX community – both from clubs and foundations, but even more so from individual supporters. So any contribution, always very much appreciated, that will help us to fill the empty spaces of the budget. Equipment purchases may wait until the summer of 2021, but not the boat charter. This needs to be clarified and paid for in 2020.

JUNE 24, 2020 

Ken LA7GIA recently got in touch with DX-World and he would like to announce the JX0X Jan Mayen 2021 low band DXpedition.

For about 14 months the team have been planning a trip to Jan Mayen, which has a high ranking on the low-bands (#20+) as well on CW and Digi mode.

Going to Jan Mayen has proved to be a difficult task. Finally, we have all permissions needed from the Military and the Norwegian authorities for an international team to enter Jan Mayen on a 2 week DXpedition in late September 2021.

The JX0X team members are:

  • Ken LA7GIA
  • Mats RM2D
  • Dima RA9USU
  • Dominik R4BE (DL5EBE)

This is an all band, all mode DXpedition. But we will focus on low-bands 160-30 using CW and Digi mode. We will also do other bands like 60, 20 and possible 17m depending on conditions, and we will be on SSB.

We have been given the best QTH to work NA and Japan with beach access and our antenna farm close to salt water. Our low band verticals combined with 1 kW amplifiers and 4 stations up and running shall give you the best possibility in many years to work that much needed low band slot. In fact it will be 21 years since the last 160m QSO from Jan Mayen according to Club Log.

Going to Jan Mayen in Sep/Oct is not an easy task and the budget for this trip is currently in the range of 90k USD. To do this trip we depend on support from clubs & foundations, corporate and individuals.

On behalf of the JX0X team


PS: Quick reminder that Ken (JX7GIA) visited Jan Mayen briefly in April 2019. Pictures of that trip can be found here