I received a message from the operator, literally minutes ago, informing me that the planned trip to Jan Mayen is cancelled due to a lack of passengers. This is a decision I fully understand, and it’s beyond their control.

They said they will try again same time next year, and I’m already on the booking list.

I’m looking into alternatives for this year, and will consider 3A Monacco, OHØ Åland, or maybe give JW Svalbard another go. Or maybe all three of them, we’ll see what the time and finances will allow.

I’m sorry JX/LB5SH isn’t happening in 2022, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for next year. I’m a stubborn old fart so rest assured I will get there eventually.

If anyone else is interested in joining me to JX Jan Mayen in 2023, let me know. There are seats and group discounts available.