Yesterday and today I made 534 CW QSO’s on 10/12/15M, with great conditions! Really a record for me, after I started learning CW last year. My internet was not working, but all logs are now updated. My radio is now packed, and ready for shipment home. So I have had the last CW QSO, and the total for CW was 6211. Sadly for the voice operators, I have not been that active on SSB. But I do hope my CW activity here perhaps has inspired someone to start learning CW, using LCWO.NET or joining the great CW OPS online training courses, CW ACADEMY, or at your local club.

Sadly, there will be no ham radio operator this winter on Jan Mayen.

We have a old Kenwood radio in the shack, and my antenna is still up, so perhaps I have time for some SSB QSOs before I pack the antenna tomorrow. But most likely the total of 10.000+ QSO’s was what you got from JX this summer.

Thanks for all the very nice e-mails, videos put on You Tube, and to the patient CW ops hearing their callsigns being returned from me in all kind of variations before I hear the nice “CFM” or “QSL” back. Some of you have been buried so deep in the noise that I wasn’t sure if someone was there at all. While others has been so strong, I was afraid my radio (and ears) would start burning if I didn’t reply fast enough!

Sadly, I couldn’t activate anyone of the four SOTA summits here. However I was very happy working two well known SOTA chasers; EA2DT and F4WBN from my shack here. And I have followed and chased several SOTA activations from Jan Mayen!

I’ll start shipping the official QSL card shortly after I get back home on Wednesday, direct and buro.

Thanks for chasing me here! Being a new ham operator (2018) and new CW op (2021) it has been very, very fun!

TU de JX/LB4MI dit dit

[SEPTEMBER 23] – As Helge’s activity soon draws to a close, here’s an excellent short video taken today showing fresh snowfall on Jan Mayen. Video was shot by Helge Hopmark. 

PS: Next Wednseday (Sept 28th) the wintering team will arrive on Jan Mayen for the season ahead. It’s unknown if any of the new arrivals are radio hams. 

[AUGUST 29] – Helge, JX/LB4MI now reaching the end of his stay, and has a very busy schedule before leaving Jan Mayen on the 5th of October. So expect less activity on the bands. He mentions the following info regarding QSLs:

I will close the “Jan Mayen-option” for direct QSL-cards on 21st of September, and when I arrive home I will open again for requesting the official QSL-card; direct and buro. So if you want the Jan Mayen postcard + rubber stamps from the island, you must request before 21st of September. Post card QSL-service” via OQRS still active. Last shipment is 28th of September. Last OQRS request is 21st of September. All received buro cards will be replied before Christmas 2022 for free.

[JUNE 12] – Helge reports that today (June 12th) he put up a 6M antenna and made some QSO’s. The antenna is a double bazooka dipole from Wimo. He says he’s not that familiar with FT8.

Video by Will, F4ESV

Meanwhile, the next batch of QSLs have been stamped and sent from Jan Mayen as per photo:

Credit: JX/LB4MI

MAY 24

MAY 2 – Posted on, Helge reports the following:

 I have currently problems uploading to LoTW, expect delay until it is solved. Club Log/eQSL/etc all OK. 

APRIL 26 – by Helge, LB4MI on Jan Mayen:

I have now done several CW pileups, which is great fun! I am NOT a skilled CW operator or DXer, so I am VERY HAPPY your patience during the pileups! I seem to be able to do 100 CW QSO’s before I get too tired, so 1,5 hour in average. I will send “QRT IN xx MIN” to keep you updated, but then I am normally already starting to struggle a bit laugh If I struggle to get your call correct, it’s either a “difficult” callsign, and/or MANY other calling me on your frequency. Please QRS and repeat 2-3 times, and please repeat full callsign. I will do all I can to get your call correct in my log. All QSO’s are 100% headcopy.

APRIL 9 – JX/LB4MI is now QRV and has been active on 20m SSB. Audio recording below by IZ5CML.

APRIL 5 – On the scene with Helge who will soon be operational from “Tikkebu” (radio shack on Jam Mayen). Pictures credit JX/LB4MI:

MARCH 15 – DX-World has learned that another radio operator (UPDATE: now confirmed as JX7QY) may also be going to Jan Mayen this coming Summer work season. 

JANUARY 26 – Helge, LB4MI recently listed this particular callsign on the database. He mentions to DX-World that more info may become available in a few weeks time, and there is a chance the trip will happen. QRX..