NEWS UPDATE by JW4O team – We had great fun with more then 1000 QSOs with station around the world in the SAC contest! Thank you for no northern lights during the test! Thank you JW5E for renting us the great radio-shack. Thank you Svalbard for a great stay! Ps! We will be QRV until Monday at 11:00 UTC. 73 from the JW4O team!

LIVE STREAM from JW4O here

The Oslo Group of NRRL (LA4O) is going to have an exciting DXpedition to Longyearbyen in Svalbard in order to participate in the SAC 2020 SSB Contest. The LA4O Svalbard DXpedition team is: LA8FTA, LB8IH, LB8CG, LA7WRA, LB7PI, LB1RH & LB9EH.

We will be operating from the JW5E club station as JW4O during / outside the SAC SSB contest. QRV: October 8-12, 2020. 

We plan to be on air as long as possible and will be active on most HF bands (80, 40, 20, 15 and 10m).

LA4O DXpedition team members can also use their own call signs outside the SAC SSB contest.

More information about LA4O Svalbard 2020 DX-pedition can be found here

More information about our club is here

We will be happy to have a QSO with any radio amateurs around the world.

73 de LA4O DX-pedition team