This news update (thanks to Max ON5UR) follows on from the initial breaking news at the start of this month regarding JW0X DXpedition

A DXpedition to the world’s northernmost habitable place!

It’s going to be a real challenge, but DX-Adventure is proud to announce that it will attempt to activate Svalbard – EU-026 from 22-24 of April 2022 on QO100. It will be the very first QO100 activation in Svalbard history!

Needless to say that this activation requires extensive preparation.

The team consists of Max ON5UR, Cedric ON4CKM and Patrick ON4DCU. To have line of sight to QO100, the 3 operators will have to travel by snowmobile from Longyearbyen to Kapp Linné for approximately 5 hours in temperatures that can easily drop to -25° Celsius. In addition, if the weather conditions are bad at the time, the journey can take up to seven hours.

From the HF shack in Longyearbyen, where we will be active with JW0X during the week, it is simply not possible to work QO100 due to the mountain peaks and the very low elevation of only 3°. We will calculate and assess all necessary risks so that the activation will be safe and successful.

The downside is that the trip for the QO100 alone entails a considerable expense of more than €10.000.

Therefore, we would like to say a big thank you to our sponsors and especially to TRIAX and SG-Lab for all the support in hardware, and also to ON6AJ for building the QO100 station. In addition, we would also like to thank Basecamp Explorer for the location and the Poli arctici company who will be our travel guide for Kapp Linné.

However, any contribution, no matter how small, is more than welcome for this part of the DXpedition. If you would like to make a donation, take a look at our sponsors page.

You hear our signals, we feel the pile-up.

DX-Adventure team