NEWS UPDATE – If you click on the image above, you can view the JW0X / JW100QO DXpedition video.

APRIL 26 – JW0X went QRT at 12z with 32000+ QSO’s in the log! Not only the QSOcount is beyond expectations , the JW100QO operation turned out to be a major success, and we made contact with Antarctica over QO100, setting a new distance record. For us, it was a fantastic journey, in an amazing country. More pictures and stories will be posted soon.

APRIL 25 – The JW100QO team went QRT around 12z, with over 1300 calls in the log! Beyond expectations, and it could have been more, as one station converter gave up on Saturday. We welcomed them back at Longyearbyen by 19z. More of them tomorrow – they need some sleep now..On the HF bands, pile-ups are still very present – the result is 28000+ contacts in the LOG. The 30000-marker is within reach… Tomorrow we will start dismantling the stations by 13z.

APRIL 23 – The JW100QO team made contact with DP0GVN at Neumayer station, Antarctica. An ATNO and for sure a distance record over QO100. Pictures below by Max ON5UR:

APRIL 22 @ 19:00Z – JW100QO and JW0X now both on the air! Pile-ups are huge. 15000 QSOs in the log. Missing filters also arrived. Will be a busy night (and day) for the team at Kapp Linné and the JW0X team in Longyearbyen. Pictures courtesy the team. (DX-World is media supporter of this DXpedition).

APRIL 22 @ 08:00Z – The JW100QO ready to leave at 0600z this morning. Meanwhile, the 2 remaining multiband verticals have been raised, making 5 operational stations. Pity the missing bandpass filters inhibit the use of 10m and 15m. It didn’t stop us from running nice pile-ups on 20 and 40m: 9500+ contacts in the log.

APRIL 21 – Yesterday, a case with our bandpass filters got lost at Tromsø airport. We were hoping to pick them up today, but we were told to come back tomorrow. So, unfortunately, only 17-20-40-80m until then. But still: 4000+ QSO’s in the log, and going strong.

APRIL 20 – The team arrived in good shape. 2 stations are constantly QRV on 20 and 40 meter band. One suitcase is missing with HP filters, so other bands not active yet. The suitcase will arrive later today. We had one person who had minor injuries. He had taken a fall from a slippery underground while erecting a sub antenna. He’s doing fine today. More news later on.

APRIL 19 – Just after 17:00z, JW0X started on 40 and 20m CW. Here’s their pileup (image by G0MFR). 

Additional picture is of ON7RU at the JW5E radio shack (by ON4ANN).

APRIL 18 – If all goes according to plan, the team will be QRV as JW0X on Tuesday (late afternoon local). They expect to be active on QO100 from Friday 22 April.

APRIL 17 – The journey to Svalbard is beginning. Picture courtesy ON4ANN at Brussels airport. DX-World is media supporter of this DXpedition.

APRIL 13 – With the team departing in a few days time, they have provided a band-plan as shown below:

FEBRUARY 13, 2022 – DX-Adventure is a joint venture of Max-ON5UR and Erik-ON4ANN, and consists of 15 very enthusiastic people with all experience in participating or organizing a DXpedition.

The first DX-Adventure project is therefore immediately ambitious: The Arctic Archipelago – Svalbard – IOTA EU026 from April 19-26, 2022.

The setup is to be active with 5 stations on all HF bands in different modes (CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8-FT4). In addition, we have the ambition to be the first to activate EU-026 on QO-100. Three team members take on the challenge of driving a snowmobile all the way to Kapp Linné, about 100km east of Longyearbyen.

This is the only location that allows a “line of sight” on the QO-100 satellite. In addition, Kapp Linné is also on the edge of the satellite footprint – speaking of a challenge..

Read all about the DXpedition here.


Every contribution is welcome and appreciated, but with a donation of at least 25 Euros you have a chance to win one of the 10 JW0X flags. With a donation of 50 Euro you will receive a beautiful JW0X scarf (17 x 125 cm), a nice souvenir that should not be missing in the shack. A list of all registered sponsors can be found on the JW0X sponsor page

You hear our signals we feel the pile-up.

DX Adventure team