Team JW0X / JW100QO will be active with up to 5 stations from Longyearbyen and surrounding areas of Svalbard during April 19-26, 2022.

Making the first ever QO-100 calls from Svalbard is the biggest challenge of this DXpedition. ON4CKM Cedric, ON4DCU Patrick and ON5UR Max will make a rugged snowmobile ride of almost 100 km in temperatures of -20° – 25° Celsius to reach their goal. Kapp Linné is the only place in the area that allows a view of the QO-100 satellite at only 3° above the horizon. Svalbard also lies on the edge of the satellite area (footprint), which makes the challenge even greater. We want to give as many radio amateurs as possible the opportunity to work this first QO-100 DXpedition. For this unique challenge we also have a special callsign JW100QO.

Fourteen Belgians and one Dutchman with German callsign are going to Svalbard… it could be the slogan of a good joke, but it is not. DX-Adventure put together a new DX team and will head to the far north for a DX-Pedition to Svalbard from April 19 to 26, 2022.

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