OCTOBER 19 – I am now packing up my equipment to fly back to Olso. It has been a wonderful time working many of you on several bands and modes. Good job guys and thank you for your patience in the pile ups.

I made 3674 QSOs without dupes in CW and SSB. I tried to arrange everybody turning the antenna on your openings but from the North Pole conditions are sometimes tricky.

QSOs will be uploaded on LoTW, EQsl and Club Log when I have time and find how it works. I will print a QSL card.

A big thank you to JW4PUA sander and JW4GUA Jan Olav for making me feel at home. The club station JW5E can be rented and believe me it works! For more information: www.jw5e.com

Next operation should be from JX0X on Jan Mayen should the DXpedition lead by LA7GIA find the budget. Make it happen guys 😉 www.jx0x.com

73s Erwann, JW/LB1QI


OCTOBER 15 – New pictures courtesy JW/LB1QI who mentions it’s cold up there!

OCTOBER 14 – JW/LB1QI is now active from Svalbard. A few CW QSOs already made.


OCTOBER 13, 2020 – Almost ready to leave Oslo tomorrow. Radio and amplifier are in the pelican case and some wool socks added in the base camp bag. Operations from JW5E will not start before the 15th of October.

There are two new antennas to be tested further that are on a rotator on a 26m high tower:

  • JK rotating 40m dipole @ 30m
  • JK Navassa 6-10-12-15-17-20 @28m

Low bands are with dipoles. Activity per band will depend on the propagation and my mood (😝). It will be either CW or SSB.

See you from Longyearbyen

73’s Erwann – LB1QI