Info by Mats, SM6LRR

Sometime in March-April and in July-August 2022 I am planning a few days activity as JT4RR/P from the South Gobi Desert.

It will not be a regular DXpedition, but rather a bit of extreme portable operation, using Lab599 TX-500 Heavy Duty QRP-Transceiver witt 5-10 Watts (99% CW) and a vertical antenna with three elevated resonant radials on a DX Wire Mini glass-fiber pole. Possibly, I will be able to use a 50W amplifier provided that I will find a suitable battery power source.

Activity will be every 14 days on my day off from my work at the Oyu Tolgoi Copper & Gold Mine. After a month, it could be activity once per week. Most likely days of operations will be Sundays, but these second month on each Roster swing, Thursdays may be alternative days.

I will be 10 weeks on site and 5 weeks home in Russia as it looks now. Normal Rosters are 4/2 weeks, but COVID changes that a bit to longer Rosters.

My QSL Manager will be Pedro, EA5GL. LOTW will also be used.

So please look for piccola signals from the desert in 2022.

This is a Non-FT8 activity for people that enjoy man to man communication – and no computer to computer games.