NEWS UPDATE – Some people have asked what happened in J2. In a nutshell, EA3NT got his gear through customs. MM0OKJ & MM0NDX did not; theirs impounded until departure home.  This meant a lot of the needed equipment never saw the light of day.

In addition, upon seeking some clarification from “National Security”, they were sent on a wild goose chase around the country requesting (and seeking) an authorisation letter that was promised to them but never came. One particular individual at national security (a high ranking police chief) was in fact corrupt and sought money for drugs from the team to “fix” their problem. By refusing this “help” it compiled their issues, but they would not be blackmailed. During that period, even with EA3NT’s limited gear, they were informed not to transmit.

The whole trip can be categorised as a waste of time and money. It should be noted they had official documentation from Djibouti Telecoms, including amateur radio transmitting license – alas “national security” and Djibouti Telecoms do not work in tandem with one an other.