[SOURCE] To help IOTA DXpeditioners decide which island groups are most needed and therefore potential candidates to visit, the Most Wanted List now shows these groups in country prefix order (here) as well as by reference number (here).

The columns show the percentages of record-holders with the group credited who have updated a) in the 5 years since February 2018, b) in the 10 years since February 2013, and c) All-Time in the Standard HF Category since they were licensed. The percentages reflect a number of variables, namely the date that the island group was added to the IOTA list, the dates, number and impact of past operations and the availability of QSL cards and QSO matching options. The extent that quite a large number of groups show higher figures in the 10 year list than in the 5 year one points (mainly but not entirely) to the length of time since the last activity and the likely interest in a new operation particularly among recent recruits to IOTA.

G3KMA and the IOTA Team, 15 March 2023