Press Release: Annual Intrepid Spirit Award goes to the VP8PJ Team:

The Intrepid-DX Group is pleased to announce the recipients of the annual “Intrepid Spirit Award”.

This year’s award goes to the Perseverance DX Group’s VP8PJ South Orkney Island team for their superb activation from Signy Island. This DXpedition was extremely well planned and executed from this very remote, cold and harsh Island.

This award is to recognize the entire team’s collective effort to activate these challenging and much needed entities on behalf of a grateful Global DX Community. The team was comprised of Dave-K3EL, Les-W2LK, Gene-K5GS, Arliss-W7XU, Heye-DJ9RR, Laci-HA0NAR, Vadym-UT6UD, Walt-N6XG, Rob-N7QT, Steve-W1SRD, Mike-WA6O, Ken-NG2H, Hans-Peter-HB9BXE and Alan-VK6CQ.

We acknowledge the team’s pursuit of operating excellence in making these difficult activations. It is for these reasons that we are honoring them with our Intrepid Spirit Award. This award would normally be presented in front of their peers at the International DX Convention in Visalia, CA.

This “Intrepid-Spirit Award” is made in memory of our fallen friend and member, James McLaughlin, T6AF who was killed in Kabul, Afghanistan in April, 2011.

The award is intended to recognize and honor those individuals or teams that boldly activate rare entities where their own personal safety is secondary to their pursuit of providing contacts to the DX Community. While we do not encourage DXers to go into harm’s way, we recognize that circumstances sometimes require that, and we recognize those Intrepid DXers with the Intrepid Spirit Award.

Thank you,

The Intrepid-DX Group