The Arctic expedition & The Great Northern Route 2016 is validated by the IOTA Committee and QSL requests for R3CA/8/9/0 are available via OQRS.

Dear friends, participants of the IOTA program, island hunters and all who are interested polar radio communication!

Upon review if submitted documentation G3KMA, VE3LYC and K3EST validated our operation. 3 new islands are added to the IOTA list:

  • Begichevskaya Kosa Island in the AS-068 group,
  • Kolchak Island and Bera Island in the AS-104 group.

Results: over 5000 QSO’s, including 3892 QSO’s from 10 islands of 8 various IOTA group have been carried out.

For your convenience all logs are combined, including QSO’s from rare areas for RDA program.

Your QSL requests through OQRS will be processed by Victor UA3AKO. Direct all questions regarding OQRS, please, only to E-mail: [email protected] QSL cards via bureau will also be sent by Victor UA3AKO.

All paper QSL received directly by Yuri UA9OBA will be replied direct and list of received QSL will be published at .

It isn’t necessary to repeat request via OQRS if paper QSL was mailed. QSLs from past expeditions are available – R3CA/1/9/0, CE8/CE9/KC4/R3CA. 1995-2011 years via UA9OBA.

Note: Arctic expedition “The Great Northern Route – 2016” wasn’t only radio amateur. Main purpose was historical and geographical project devoted to the 400-years anniversary of the Northern Sea Route, which is carried out within the comprehensive research program “Riddles of the Russian Arctic”.

We didn’t asked for donations in advance to support of a radio amateur part of an expedition since team was not 100% sure we can make it to specific islands. Nevertheless, we managed to operate from pretty rare Russian islands, including silent for over 20 years or for the first time – for example, Kolchak Island, AS-104. We hope that the carried-out activation of islands was interesting to world radio amateur community and promoted further public awareness of the IOTA program.

If you maintain such activity on air, and interested in a polar and island radio communication, then your donations for future Arctic expeditions will be accepted with gratitude and your name and call sign will be included in the list of sponsors.

Thank you!


Following the results of an R3CA/9/0 expedition of DX TROPHY AWARDS GROUP the award – a trophy of the Arctic is founded by The Great Northern Route 2016 which is given for QSO/SWL with 2 various Arctic islands (IOTA groups) by types of modulation: CW, SSB or MIX. Confirmation on the basis of the log of an expedition, placed on Clublog. It isn’t required to present to QSL. Plaque cost for applicants from Russia 1600 rub, for DX $45 or 40 EURO. The application in a free form and questions of payment methods can be sent to E-mail: [email protected] .

I would like to thank RA3NAN, RZ3EC, RD0B, UA0KAV, RO9O, UA9OK, UA3AKO, N3QQ, UA6GG and many others who supported our operation.

Thanks to all who made contact(s) with R3CA/8/9/0 and who followed our progress on-line, website of the Expedition Center "Arctic" of the Russian Geographical Society – .

73! Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA

President of Russian Robinson Club