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One of the little extras for the trip was to get a special event call sign. ZL9CNB – The ZL9 prefix is specific for the Auckland Sub-Antarctic Islands. As there are no permanent residents on these islands, the ZL9 call is seldom heard and only if Hams mount special expeditions – from memory there was an attempt about 7 years ago and they were unable to operate as they couldn’t get here because of the weather.

MARCH 4, 2019 – Earlier today (0830z), ZL9CNB/MM was spotted on the DX clusters. This is Dr Charles Bradfield from Auckland, New Zealand who is currently sailing in a yacht (SV Vingilot) offshore Auckland Island near to Enderby Island OC-074. He has special permission to visit the Auckland Islands but as yet it’s unknown if he will land and QRV. Track the yacht here.