UPDATE by Rick , K6VVA

I am resuming work on these two “back burner” IOTA projects where considerable time and effort has already been invested.

One of the most frustrating things for me in the IOTA Programme has been the fact that my home QTH is only about 45 minutes from NA-178 Ano Nuevo Island, and a little over one hour to NA-187 Lobos Rocks. It is been easier to activate remote KL7 IOTA locations than these two IOTAs virtually in my own backyard.

The reason is because of California Governmental Agencies & Environmental/Habitat restrictions. Some may remember the arduous 2 year long battle with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service that took about 300 hours of my time, but finally resulted in Mike, K9AJ and myself activating NA-178 South East Farallon Island on Valentine’s Day, 2006, for about 48 hours. Propagation was not the best, but we did satisfy a lot of demand for NA-178 which was at a miniscule total claimed status before our Expedition.

Considering TX/RX power and antenna restrictions in these locations, and the polar path route to Europe with general sub-standard propagation likely until the next Sunspot Cycle peak (if there ever is one), activating NA-178 & NA-187 presents many challenges for all of us.

The NA-178 Ano Nuevo Island and NA-187 Lobos Rocks projects may continue to be a long drawn out endeavor, but you never know.

“Stay Tuned…”

FYI & 73,

Rick – K 6 V V A * The Locust