NEWS UPDATE – Past couple of days, Tom KC0W has been active as KH0W/M. This is a new set up for Tom and he’s promised to send exclusive pictures of his mobile activity around the Mariana islands once the station is complete. He has been active on 20 & 17 CW so far testing out “2 foot broomstick with 17’ of wire wrapped around it”. QRX for more. 

APRIL 20 DX-World recently got word from Tom KC0W that he will not be going QRT after all, but rather he’ll be QRV again by the end of April. We have more info on his plans and will only publish once Tom gives the ok to do so.  

Info by Tom, KC0W (February 18, 2022)

Last month I moved into a condo and have gone QRT from all amateur radio activity. I gave all of my telescoping aluminum antennas & coax away to local fisherman so they construct HF antennas for their boats. The elements of my Yagi have now been repurposed as a line for drying clothes under the sun. After 65,000+ QSOs over the past 2.5 years it’s time to call it QUITS. I DO miss operating CW. FT8 & SSB not so much so. Thanks for all of the QSOs over the past 2+ years. Hope to QSO many of you again from Saipan someday in the future after I find that ever allusive QTH.