NEWS UPDATE – Ken, LA7GIA mentions that the 2nd deposit for the Marama has been paid. He also says: “The team is fully committed to go to Bouvet and activate this rare #2 DXCC. In 2 months time we ship the container and in 6 months we depart for Bouvet.”

MAY 13 – The 3Y0J Bouvet vessel – the Marama – recently underwent a full-scale inspection. More info and pictures on that can be found here

MAY 5 – Our system test weekend went well. We successfully tested our radio, amplifier, filter, antenna and tent setup. We run various tests that confirmed our setup and antenna and tent layout is ok with the given footprint available to us at Bouvet. In addition we met for a very valuable team building!!

Test results;

  • 20m-10m in band tested ok with actual Bouvet setup. No station interference.
  • No 2nd harmonic issues 40/20 and 80/40m

Based on the meeting and all the testing and installation we have created a punch list of roughly 70 items that still needs to be fixed, adjusted or improved before our departure. Some of the items:

  • need to replace damaged steel wire
  • need to improve manual rotator solution
  • replace some damaged guy wires exposed to high tension
  • purchase tools to improve speed of installation
  • complete software installation
  • diagnose failed cable
  • network issues to be resolved
  • improve the table layout and routing of cables
  • improve the FT8 table location and layout (4xSunSDR)
  • improve the sleeping tent layout (yes we will minimize the sleeping – don’t worry…)

Below is a photo of the team members who attended the Oslo meeting. Thanks to our Lead Sponsor NCDXF and INDEXA for supporting us!

This week ALL operators paid their final deposit of the $20,000 operator fee!

This is your guarantee that we will do whatever we can to succeed.

If you want to sponsor us our paypal is

Please see for all sponsor benefits

APRIL 30 – Short video by Ken LA7GIA with crew raising 160 & 80m Spiderbeam poles. Ken says “the 160m pole will be electrically 25m high with top-loading and 40 radials. For 80m a full-size vertical will be deployed“. More pictures of the team meeting on the 3Y0J Facebook page

APRIL 29 – Past few days, team members of 3Y0J have been meeting up in Norway. They have been constructing and assembling some of the gear they will eventually take with them to Bouvet. Photos below taken by AB5EB and LB1QI.

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