Following on from the excellent set of images depicting life at PY8/UA4WHX/P, Vlad sends a further set of pictures from his most recent PZ5VB trip to Suriname.

Vlad explains more:

We stayed in Totness. A house with kitchen, refrigerator, two bedrooms that can probably accommodate up to 6 people (cost us 25 USD per day for two total). The area was close to the sea, far away from other houses, but had occasional noise problems on a couple of bands. The wildlife is all over the area; mangos are everywhere and almost free. There were 3 monkeys at the house which we would come out to feed each day. There are a few big supermarkets that sell just about anything but they take only cash. The area is not suitable for swimming. A bus that comes from Paramaribo to Totness costs 12.5 SRD one way per person. We paid 3 SRD per person coming on a bus from the airport to Paramaribo. To find it, we needed to come out to the main road for about  500m to the left from the airport. It took us 2 hours to get to the capital on that bus.

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