Dragan, K0AP sends DX-World images of the ongoing N5M Marsh Island NA-120 expedition: Dragan says:

We had a good start with our operation from NA-120. EU was coming OK on 15 and 17m however not all parts of the EU continent. While western and southern parts of EU were coming loud, we only worked handful of stations from the east, UA/UT/EU etc. Tomorrow we will focus a little bit more on these areas if the band conditions allow. We are using a 3el Yagi for 20/15/10m supported by about 500W and multiband vertical. 15/17m opened toward JA and UA0 in the late afternoon hours so we were able to log close to 250 Asia stations. Unfortunately no VK/ZL stations were heard/worked. Maybe there was no propagation to this part of the world. We have limited internet connection on the island and we are monitoring the cluster so if you guys in VK/ZL can hear us let us know on the IOTA forum or spot us on the cluster. Tomorrow may be our last day of operation although we will try to be QRV on Sunday for few hours. It all depends. We are out in the open and the Sun, humidity and mosquitoes are merciless.