Guest post by Rich Holoch, KY6R

I have been a dyed in the wool ARRL DXCC “fan boy”. I have associated DX-ing with their “program”. Their program is steeped in history, lore and has a set of rules that would confuse a divorce lawyer.

While working toward DXCC HR – between 2001 and 2013, I did NOT want any rules changed – because I wanted to make it “as is”. And believe me – there were days I wished this one or that one would be deleted. Now I am glad not much changed in that time period. There was the PJ’s, Swains was added, and R1M deleted. But the rules stayed the same.

But recently, after seeing what has gone on with Kosovo and now what Vlad, UA4WHX is doing, I realize at least two things:

1) You don’t need any awards to be a DX-er.
2) You get to play the game as you like – and chose whatever awards or operating activities that make you feel like you are a DX-er, (and hopefully), have big fun in the process

But – just hypothetically speaking, if you were in say, the “Podunk Hollow DX Association” and were to offer a new DX-ing award that had crystal clear / unambiguous rules that anyone could follow, what would these rules be to get that award?

I will post mine later in this thread – I have one rule that might work and be so simple anyone could understand it.