Max IA0MZ updates on his activity from Terra Nova Bay:

On my second day on air, I have experienced huge pile ups where unfortunately (as usual), people do not abide the rule; all calling on everyone, many people do not even respond when I call back to them….I understand that, after the first few days, things will become better but please try to understand that I cut hours of my sleeping time to be on for EU – and please do not duplicate the QSOs on the same band, leave everyone a chance to work Mario Zucchelli Station in Antarctica!

Furthermore, Max has an update for operators in NA:

For American friends, I’ll be here until early February 2014, but unfortunately the time between 22:00 and 02:00 UTC ( that’s 11:00hrs-15:00hrs local time here) is almost taboo for me. As you can imagine, that falls in the middle of daily work schedule…but, a snowy day in that window will allow me to be on air even for half an hour or so. The advice as always, is to give an eye to the cluster, to avoid wasting valuable time.


October 2 — Max IW0HEU will be leaving for Mario Zucchelli Base, Antarctica on October 14th and expects to remain there until January 31, 2014 operating as IA0MZ during his spare time, probably at the end of November onwards.

Keep an eye on the cluster, or 14.333 MHz from 17:30 to 18:30 UTC.