FEBRUARY 10, 2020 – Our DXpedition comes slowly to its end. We will start dismantling antennas and equipment early on Thursday local morning. That means QRT around 15 UTC on February 13.

With the help of Roberto we were able to get a resistor spare part and could repair the KPA-500. DJ6TF, DL4SVA and DH8WR were active in WPX RTTY contest last weekend. They managed to log over 1300 QSOs from 80 to 10 m with 2.4M points in only 28 hours. These QSOs are also uploaded to Club Log.

Not amused is the team about so many dupe callers again and again. This is no ham spirit as a lot of weaker stations are still waiting for their first QSO. Check our online log before calling.

Roberto organised a nice sightseeing trip to the volcano and San Salvador. His family let us taste the food speciality “Pupusas”. We visited the radio club CRAS and met for eyeball QSOs Nelly YS1NEL, Raimondo YS1RR and Jose YS1MS.

The team should reach over 50.000 QSOs which is a good result for this lightweight expedition under present conditions. The QTH was perfect and quiet and allowed many low band contacts. Thanks to the ham radio community for another fun adventure from all  team members.