Few days ago, as is a regular occurrence, the Club Log Most Wanted list was updated. We keep a keen eye on this list and usually post something on social media sites of DX-World showing the difference in most wanted between, for example, AS-Asia v OC-Oceania (it’s quite interesting the different needs in each continent).

Today, since it’s a miserable wet and rainy day here at DX-World HQ, and we are in short supply of current DX news, we have decided to publish the findings of East EU v West EU on our website. Again, quite interesting and below is the findings (maybe we missed something so leave a reply if we did).

  • 3Y/Bouvet moves from Most Wanted in East EU to 3rd wanted in West EU
  • 3Y/Peter 1 is 7th MW in East EU, but down to 12th MW in West EU
  • FK/Chesterfield does not appear in the Top 25 MW for East EU, but is #21 for West EU.
  • BS7H/Scarborough is equally wanted in both West and East EU at #9
  • PY0S & PY0T not listed in Top 25 for West EU but both are for East EU (respectively #17, #21)
  • FT/X is equally wanted in both West and East EU at #15
  • Biggest difference in each of the Top 25 MW is XF4 – a difference of 10 spaces.