UPDATE: The team have now completed activity from five out of six IOTAs. We have so far made +25K QSOs; visiting and operating each island for approx 48hrs.

Today, we leave HP9 land and make the long journey to the airport for a flight to Bocas del Torro region, where we will sign HP0INT/4 from NA-088. Thanks for working us. The pileups have been mostly well behaved ūüôā Col HP9/MM0NDX @ DX World.

Christian EA3NT, Raul EA5KA, Vincent F4BKV and Col MM0NDX – from the¬†Invoker Team –¬†will be active from six Panamanian¬†island groups as¬†HP0INT between¬†September 5-19, 2013.

The team plan to be QRV from the following IOTA: NA-071, NA-072, NA-088, NA-170, NA-202 and NA-203

They will sign HP0INT/1, /2, /3, /4 or /9 depending on each IOTA group activated.

Full details and itinerary here.