Those who follow the QSL cards being uploaded to “Land of QSLs by Spratley Woody” will sometimes see absolute gems posted. The one pictured really is a point in case. 

  • Snares Island (OC-068).
  • The only QSL card known for an activation of the island. 
  • Just 1% of IOTA chasers have claimed it.

Jacky, ZL3CW left a comment:

It’s very difficult to get landing permission (for Snares). Have tried but no joy, bird special breeding program. DoC had a rat eradication done years ago and they don’t want to take any risk. BTW landing permit for ZL9 next year has been declined, it will probably be the same for ZL8. 

Watch ZL8 and ZL9 climb up the most wanted table through time.