UPDATE on Activity Weekends

2014 is the year of “Homecoming” in Scotland. It’s a celebration aimed at attracting the Scottish Diaspora as well as those interested in Scotland and its traditions. Numerous events will be held throughout Scotland this year.

GMDX Group is very pleased to announce that the regulators OFCOM have agreed to special prefixes to be used by Radio Amateurs in Scotland from 25th January until 30th November, 2014. The prefixes will be GA, MA and 2A.

The “A” replaces the “M” in the prefix. The letter A represents Alba, the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland.

The GMDX Group will be awarding “Homecoming Scotland Engraved Quaichs” to the top three stations outside of Scotland who contact the largest number of different GA, MA and 2A stations between 25th January and 30th November 2014. Similarly, three engraved trophies will be awarded to stations in Scotland who, using the GA, MA and 2A prefixes, work the largest number of stations outside Scotland. Any mode and any band can be used.

To enter just submit your total score of stations worked by the 1st week in December 2014 via email only to gm0gav[at]hfdx.co.uk .

After assessing from these totals who the leading 6 stations in each category are, the GMDX Group Committee will request submission of the logs of these stations for final scrutiny after which the three winners in each category will be declared.

In addition to the above awards, a prestigious award, “The Homecoming Shield”, will be awarded to the Scottish club whose members make the most contacts outside Scotland, the club score to be the number of active “A” prefixes multiplied by the number of contacts made. Logs will be requested for the top three entrants

There is no charge for entry.

We will be promoting activity weekends to ensure maximum participation. These will be on the first full weekend of each calendar month starting in February running until November.