We are indebted to Gil, F5NOD for these exciting and often exotic DX recordings. Gil’s website has been online for many years but has not been updated for a very long time; it’s likely one day it will simply disappear. We also believe Gil left the hobby in 2007 although we would love to hear that he’s still about and active – anyone know?

As you can see, we have brought to life Gil’s DX recordings by placing QSL images of each station he recorded and created a You Tube channel. The year 2000 is the time we have stopped uploading his files to You Tube, and would love to know if anyone else has similar, older recordings that could also be added to the channel? Basically, historical DX recordings. 

Drop a line or leave a comment if you would like to help. 

Over the course of time we will add more DX recordings to this channel. Keep an eye on it.

PS: Don’t forget about current or recent DX recordings too.