By John Mitton (KK7L)
President, Utah DX Association

As many of you are aware, Antoine (3D2AG)’s eldest son died in a tragic drowning accident a couple of days ago while they were visiting Rotuma, cutting short his much-anticipated DXpedition there.

“Tony” has become a good friend of mine and of UDXA member Jared (N7SMI) as he has been instrumental in furthering the amateur radio and HF emergency communications initiatives we have been spearheading in Fiji and Tuvalu. Raising two young boys, he manages to balance home responsibilities with a demanding university career, research travel, and ham radio too.

As a tropical reef scientist, his contribution to our DXing hobby is significant: lending a hand to most major DXpeditions in the central Pacific by way of leveraging his extensive contacts in the region — obtaining licensing, travel arrangements & logistics. Here are just a few of the recent DXpeditions where I know Tony played a role in making them happen:

W8S – Swains Island 2020
T2AR – Tuvalu 2019
3D2CR – Conway Reef 2019
ZK3A – Tokelau 2019
T31EU – Central Kiribati 2019
3D2EU – Rotuma 2018
KH1/KH7Z – Baker 2018
H40GC – Temotu 2017

DXpeditioners often return via Fiji, leaving behind coax, telescoping poles and other useful equipment for Tony to hand to the next group coming through. He is truly deserving of our praise and support.

This current 3D2AG/p DXpedition to Rotuma (Clulblog #58) was timed to coincide with a long New Year school break, allowing him to spend some time with his sons and extended family on this very remote Fiji island, while making many DXers happy to log a new one as time permitted. For a single-op DXpedition his costs are significant: as he had to load on a ship his generator, two drums of diesel, and enough gear to make the successful effort he was having on 160 meters and other bands thus far.

In this light, I would ask that those who are so inclined make a generous donation to help Antoine with the extraordinary expenses that have surely arisen from this tragedy. He is packing up and due to board the ship on Tuesday. His PayPal address can be found at his web page.

73 & thanks in advance.