p5-3z9dx camiseta
Dom, 3Z9DX came back from the GXP antenna factory. He was working with Waldek, SP7GXP on the GP7 Vertical for some small & final adjustments at the antenna. This one will go with Dom to North Korea during a December trip together with other radio equipment.

90% funding now raised for a new transceiver.

August 15, 2015 – With 60% of funds raised to buy a new high end TRX (with good receiving filters) for the upcoming P5/3Z9DX activity, a final push is needed for the remaining 40%.

Some may wonder why Dom, 3Z9DX has not contacted various transceiver manufacturers. He has, but the issue is they don’t want their product linked to North Korea as it’s not business viable. Also, immediately after the activity, the radio in use will be confiscated.

Here’s the paypal address for anyone willing to be part of this exciting project: [email protected]

July 17, 2015 – Dom, 3Z9DX is seeking ham radio operators who may wish to donate a good RX radio with filters (P5 may have high city noise, QRM/QRN etc), or to simply be a major supporter in buying a TRX for his upcoming activity.

All radio equipment used in P5 will not be returned (everything must remain there once QRT). The TRX is the only missing item required. 3Z9DX will be in North Korea just before December to finalise plans and to include a list of all equipment which must be provided to authorities before operations commence. Of note, this equipment will be released only for Dom’s activity then retained.

If you want to help / support and make P5 happen, drop Dom an email.