Nick UR6QV / UT5Q, Principal NGO of the ”Zaporizhia Amateur Radio Club” recently got in touch:

There is a war in Ukraine and we need help. We kindly request you to support Ukrainian radio amateurs and their families who are now in a bad situation.

At first, we want to provide help to those who going out from the areas where there’s active fighting, and also who are in occupied territories. Also, there’s an aim to support those families who lost their jobs due to war and they’re now in really hard life situations.

Humanitarian help such as food, medicine, clothes etc – there’s a chance to send and then distribute to the places where help is now needed the most.

In addition, to ensure communication, what we need the most is radio equipment – HF and VHF radio stations (possibly broken – we repair); SWR meters; antenna analyzers; oscilloscopes; coaxial cables 50Ohm, PL-259, SO-239, BNC, SMA connectors; power supplies; power banks, solar panels and other items.

We are ready to provide detailed photo reports on the use of the received equipment.

Radio amateurs use means of communication, for example, in cities where there is no internet or telephone. For example, we coordinate aid transport and make emergency radio calls. After the war, we will rebuild club stations with donations. We take an active part in education and work with young people, and we offer license courses.

More info here and here

I will gladly answer your questions.

With all respect,
Nick UR6QV / UT5Q,
Principal NGO ”Zaporizhia Amateur Radio Club”,
Founder of UR4QWW club station Zapozizhia University
Deputy Head of Zaporizhia department organization ”Ukrainian Amateurs radio League”.

+38097-599-73-88 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)