Rick, K6VVA says:

Before going QRT for 30 years back in the 1970′s, I apparently never sent in my VK0WR QSL from 1969 for DXCC Credit.

After many QTH moves before returning to HF, the QSL whereabouts eluded me. I made attempts to contact one of the operators to maybe get a replacement card but no luck. Then I discovered he had gone SK.

Strictly on a whim, I recently decided to check LoTW just-in-case by some ‘Miracle’ perhaps one of the VK0WR ops may have transcribed the old paper logs and uploaded them to LoTW.

It was like ‘CHRISTMAS’ when I discovered the VK0WR logs from 1969 had been uploaded several years ago and I was ‘in-the-log’ !!! A nice Celebration Lunch followed.


Example of VK0WR card