NEWS UPDATE – Shortly after 23:30z on October 25th, HD8R started operations on 15CW. Activity shifted to 40m as the video below shows:

OCTOBER 25 – HD8R team arrived Guayaquil airport. Next stop Galapagos islands.

OCTOBER 24 – Photo shows the Tifariti DX Gang waiting on dinner to be served in Madrid ahead of their long flight to HC & HC8. (credit: @Proyecto4SA)

OCTOBER 21 – The HD8R team will spend the night in Madrid on October 23 ready for the next day departure to Ecuador, arriving finally San Cristobal island at 19Z. Operations expected to begin on the 26th. A reminder that some of the HD8R team will participate in the CQWW SSB contest at the end of this month. In addition, a 24h FT8 beacon will be deployed on 50.313 for opening alert purposes. If there’s an opening they will be on 50.103 CW/SSB or FT8 if signals are not audible for human modes. The beacon will be sending HD8R/B during even periods.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 – An international team consisting EA1SA, EA5EL, EA5KA, EA5KM, EA5RM, EA7R, EA7X, F5CWU, F5NKX, F8ATS, HC5VF, HK6F, IK5RUN and IN3ZNR will be active from the Galapagos Islands during October 26 to November 7, 2021. QRV from 6 to 160m (+WARC) CW, SSB, FT8, RTTY. More info here