UPDATE – We note today the mandatory “5 Euros for 160m QSO” on Club Log has disappeared and has been changed to “any donation is acceptable”. Better!

As much as we do not particularly enjoy calling out fellow ops, if it can change their mindset along the lines of everyone else, then we have no hesitation in again making examples of shoddy QSL practices in the future. 


DECEMBER 7 – DX-World has been inundated with emails, tweets and Facebook comments regarding the QSL policy of SV2RSG/A (and others). The crux of the issue is that if you make a 160m QSO with Mount Athos and then go to Club Log OQRS, you are basically charged 10 Euros for the QSL. We’re going to use this email from a reader in Germany outlining as to what’s going on and why they feel annoyed. 

After more than 15 years I finally was able to make a 160m QSO with Mount Athos a couple of days ago. Subsequently, I went to Club Log OQRS only to see that the manager is asking 10 EUR for the QSL. Well, sorry to say – at this point – although I could afford it, I’m off and some kind of disillusionment is starting to build up.

While I am always happy to donate for DXpeditions to help covering expenses towards logistics and travel I struggle hard to accept such a policy from one of the locals, be it SV2/A or not. Others like T77C unfortunately already do so, many others might follow. What if everyone did that?

A 1st class letter from Greece to the world is 2 Euros, 2nd class half as much.

What is your opinion on that matter in general?