As the world celebrates the start of 2023, I hope you all have a great New Year ahead.

Although there’s been, and continues to be, many struggles globally, we can for sure look back on 2022 as a good year for DX and DXpeditions. The solar cycle really started to fire up and it’s been great to see the higher bands (10 & 12m) opening daily.

To the best of our knowledge, DX-World covered everything DX-related last year and we’ll certainly do the same again in 2023 – starting off with perhaps the most daring, exciting and high profile DXpedition of recent times – yes, you guessed it – 3Y0J Bouvet.

But, there’s more. Here’s a small taster of the year ahead:

Have a great DX-filled year to come !

73 Col MM0NDX @