Hey everyone!

Looking back to last year’s New Year message, we did indeed see the re-start of DXpeditions, albeit even now it’s still much curtailed from years gone by. We can only hope for a further improvement as the new year progresses.

Meanwhile, we do have some juicy DXpeditions to look forward to and here’s a little taster of what’s to come in 2022:

TO6S – Guadeloupe
Z21A / Z22O – Zimbabwe
FO/SP5EAQ / TX5AQ – Austral Islands
HD8M – Santa Cruz I, Galapagos
JX/LB5SH – Jan Mayen
VK9CM – Cocos Keeling I.
3Y0J – Bouvet
FT5/C – Crozet

Of course, as always, we look forward to announcing many more DXpeditions in 2022. Bookmark DX-World if you haven’t already. 

Have a great New Year and may your logbook continue to be filled with DX !

Vy 73 Col MM0NDX @ DX-World