Currently lots of misinformation circulated around the internet with regards ham radio licenses in Turkey being revoked following the recent attempted military coup in that country.

It’s not true. Here’s some quotes from informed Turkish operators:

It’s not true. We are on the air, 73 TA3J

Good Morning from Turkey. Not correct news; life is proceeding normally. Best regards from TA1ED

There are no ham radio license revoked in Turkey and ham radio operators are operating normally. The reports on ham radio licenses being revoked by The Supreme Council of Radio and Television (RTUK) are unconfirmed and speculative. RTUK is not a regulatory body of ham radio. We believe that it is against ham radio ethic to share unconfirmed information especially in this sensitive time. We would like to remind every ham radio operator to avoid sharing unconfirmed news and speculation, 73 de TA1DX

There is no such ham radio licenses cancellation in Turkey. de TA2EE