We recently read this article over on QRZ.com and repost here out of general interest and perhaps some help for the group in question:

We are a group of amateur operators resident in Cambodia and up until 2020 we renewed our Cambodia Amateur Certificates every year. In 2020 the Telecommunications Regulator of Cambodia (TRC) introduced the new requirement to only renew certificates for hams with a transceiver that had a Cambodia Type Approval (TA). At the moment there is no Cambodia TA for an amateur transceiver. As the TA process looks to be quite expensive, we have decided to just apply for the Yaesu FT-891. We have provided the TRC with the Conformity Certificates from the rear of the American and European FT-891 Manuals, together with other information, but they require more information including the TA Test Results for 1) EMC Test report, 2) Health and Safety Test reports & 3) Radio Frequency Test Report.

We have approached Yaesu in Japan and they say they cannot supply the TRC with the TA Test results and at present there is no facility in Cambodia able to carry out the tests. We have been trying to obtain these docs for the TRC but so far have been unable. As a result, the resident amateurs here and any visiting hams have been unable to renew their Cambodia Amateur Certificates.

Would any QRZ members know of where we might obtain a copy of the FT-891 test results? We ourselves don’t need to see them and if they are available, they would just need to be sent directly to the below:

Sokharath Penh, Director, Dept Radio Frequency Regulation, TRC. sokharath.penh@trc.gov.kh and Vannak ICH, Technician, Radio Frequency Licence Office, TRC. ich.vannak@trc.gov.kh, or please let me know and we can follow up.

We would greatly appreciate it if any ham knows where we might be able to get a copy of the docs for the TRC.

73 Dave XU7AKG / ZL3AIK
Kingdom of Cambodia.