Chungki, VA7YM (ex-YJ0YM, A31YM) will be active from the Solomon Islands and Temotu Province between February 24 to March 17, 2018. Schedule as follows:

– 2/24 Arrival Honiara, Solomon Islands

Operate as H44YM

– 2/27 Move to Lata, Temotu Province

Operate as H40YM

– 3/13 Move to Honiara from Lata

Operate as H44YM until 3/16 night

– 3/17 Depart from Honiara, Solomon Islands

All flights have been booked already. Honiara is located in Guadalcanal Island (OC-047) and Lata is in Nendo Island (OC-100). QSL via EA5GL.