UPDATE – Christian informs he had to walk 3 kms from his shack to get a 3G mobile signal so that logs could be sent to his QSL manager (M0OXO). All is ok on OC-127. He had to QRT earlier than wished last night due to extreme tiredness. Today, he will stick on 15m in order to avoid dupes. His time on Bellona is very short. In addition, he is using only 50w which is the limit the small generator gives him.


UPDATE II – Due to bad weather plans to be active as H41NT from OC-168 have been cancelled. OC-127 will take place on March 15th.


On March 17-18, Christian will also try to activate any of the islands in the OC-137 group during his stopover in Brisbane, before proceeding to Sydney to take his flight back home, signing as VK4/EA3NT. Date: 17 – 18 March 2015.

Keep an eye on the H44NT QRZ page for updates and full info.

H44NT and VK4/EA3NT via M0OXO.