• [QRT]

H40WA is now QRT. We are satisfied that we were able to achieve our goal of 60,000 QSOs with our seven man team. Thank you for chasing us across the bands and for your many donations. Pre-donors will receive LoTW uploads and QSL cards as they become available. For everyone else please use OQRS for your confirmations. Thank you! The H40WA Team.

  • [MARCH 5 @ 0150Z]

H40WA is approaching the end of our stay. We are tearing down half of our stations and antennas today (5th) and the rest tomorrow. We will resume two stations on 10, 20, 60 and 80 meters shortly and operate into tomorrow (6th) where we will QRT completely.

  • [MARCH 4 @ 0100Z] – 

Today is our last full day of operation. The solar flare is greatly affecting propagation, however we will push forward. Tomorrow we will begin taking down our antennas leaving a 20 meter station on until the very end. We must QRT on March 6th (Temotu date) as we begin traveling home on March 7th. We’ve had a great time bringing you H40WA and we hope that you have enjoyed chasing us across the bands. Please use OQRS to confirm your contacts. All early donors will receive LoTW and cards in the mail. Lastly, we want to thank our many club and individual donors for supporting our mission.

  • [MARCH 2 @ 0630z]

Team report that tonight (their local time) is the  last night on 80m. The 60 meter antenna will soon replace the 80m antenna. Also watch for 40 CW and/or FT8 later mentions Paul N6PSE. 

  • [FEBRUARY 27] – Co-Leader N6PSE says:

The H40WA team is very busy running around the clock. Here are some photos of our team in action. We hope to see you in our logs!  We know that some of you are concerned about missing QSOs in Club Log. We are using a network of laptops along with a master server that receives and stores all log data. We then use Starlink to frequently upload the QSO data to Club Log and Livestream. We see frequent drops in our Starlink connections which pauses the upload of data. We also have to power down our stations every few days to change the oil. Rest assured that all QSO data is retained on our master server and will be re-synchronized with Club log at the earliest opportunity. Lastly, if you don’t see your QSOs after a few days, please work us again.

  • [QRV]

After two and a half days of arduous work in extreme heat and humidity, we are now QRV. Our team has had to deal with heat exhaustion and very difficult conditions. In some areas we have had to hack clearings in the jungle to allow for antennas. We will be operation on all bands 6-160 meters including 60 meters. We will use Fox/Hound on FT8. We are running on generators and will have infrequent outages to refill fuel. Please contact or Pilots, Lucas W6AER or Tony EA5RM as needed. We will make no log corrections while we are QRV.

  • [FEBRUARY 23]

We are pleased to report that our team and our equipment has arrived safely at Pigeon Island, Temotu Province. Unfortunately, one of our team members became ill and was not able to travel the final leg to Temotu. It took two different aircraft and flights to carry our team and equipment. We are now busy setting up our stations and antennas. We are running on generator power. We want to remind everyone that while on FT8, we will be using the Fox and Hound mode. We greatly appreciate all of the support that we have received and we hope that you enjoy chasing us across the bands. We expect to be QRV by the end of the day tomorrow.

Team H40WA

  • [FEBRUARY 19]

Earlier today the H40WA team met with Bernard H44MS in Honiara. On Thursday the team fly to Lom Lom, Temotu. 

Credit: H40WA team

  • [FEBRUARY 17]

Members of the H40WA Temotu 2024 Team are now making their way to Fiji and then onto Honiara, the Solomon Islands. We will then take the weekly flight by a small aircraft to Lom Lom, Temotu Province. The team will then travel by small boats to Pigeon Island. We expect to be on the air late February 23nd and will conclude our operation on the evening of March 6th, 2024.

We are travelling with a Starlink and we will make every effort to upload logs frequently. We will also be using a new FT8 anti-spoofing technology, which we have described on our main webpage.

While on the island, we will be making frequent updates to our H40WA Temotu DXpedition Facebook page.

We are extremely grateful for all of those who have donated in advance of our departure. We will provide LoTW and QSL cards to all pre-departure donors upon our return. From this point, if you have not donated, please use our OQRS via M0URX to confirm your contacts.

Thank you,
The H40WA Team

NOTE: H40WA will be testing out new digital anti-spoofing software for the FT Modes. The site below gives information on it.


Team members include: Rob N7QT, Paul N6PSE, Scott NE9U, Jay K4ZLE, Jay AC7DC, Bruce K3NQ, Don N6JRL and David AH6HY. We will use CW/SSB and FT8 Fox/Hound modes. We are not using MSHV. We plan to use Fox/Hound on 60 meters, however, we will momentarily revert to FT8 standard to work UK stations that are calling us.

In an effort to combat piracy, the H40WA team will be beta-testing a new anti-spoofing technology developed by WSJT-X developer Brian Moran, N9ADG. This should help calling stations have confidence that they’re copying the real H40WA.

Here’s how it works:

H40WA will transmit CQs and work stations, and every few cycles will send a callsign followed by a 6 digit verification number:

010200 -3 0.1 300 – H40WA 695243
010200 -3 0.1 360 – CQ H40WA RH29

Only H40WA will be able to send the right code for a particular timestamp, which can be verified by checking the www.9dx.cc website: 9dx.cc/verify/H40WA